Insect Remover [533200]

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SONAX Insect Remover effectively penetrates & loosens dense, dried-on insect residue. A simple rinse or mild agitation will quickly remove any contaminents. For best results, apply the product when the vehicle is dry prior to washing. Safe for glass, chrome, paint & plastic components.

SONAX Insect Remover quickly and effortlessly removes insects from glass, paintwork, chrome and plastics. Due to its outstanding infiltration abilities, the special cleaner softens up even dried on insect deposits, without attacking the surfaces. Residues are removed quickly and gently. Sonax Insect Remover is solvent-free.

Professional Tips:

SONAX Insect Remover is an enzyme based, organic formula that does not include any harsh chemicals or acids. The pH neutral formula is safe for any surface & also safe for the environment during the rinse cycle. Best if applied before the car is wet as a pre-wash treatment.