High Speed Wax [288200]

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SONAX High Speed Wax is a quick and effective 2-in-1 cleaning and car wax protection spray emulsion. Works great as a spot cleaner on paint surfaces and provides a natural barrier (Carnauba Wax enriched), achieving a brilliant shine and soft, buttery feel. High Speed Wax can also be used on plastics and rubber.

SONAX High Speed Wax is an easy to apply wax protectant and a lightning fast paintwork sealant. SONAX High Speed Wax provides a radiant shine and protection that will last many weeks. SONAX High Speed Wax uses a highly effective cleaning and care emulsion that seals the paintwork and gives a streak-free high gloss. Its easy application is especially convenient. SONAX High Speed Wax is also suitable for maintaining all plastic and rubber components.

Professional Tips:

SONAX High Speed Wax can be used during the drying off step in vehicle cleaning. During wipe down, spritz the wet surface with High Speed Wax and wipe dry. The drying process is easier & a protective layer is being applied.