Gloss Shampoo [314300]

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SONAX Gloss Shampoo is a surfactant-rich, car wash concentrate that produces a thick lather for quick and thorough results on exterior surfaces including: paint, glass, chrome, plastics and rubber. A 1 Liter bottle produces 50+ gallons of car wash shampoo. Extremely gentle cleaner that will not remove any wax or sealant coatings. Is equally as effective using cold or warm water. Environmentally friendly: Phosphate-free and pH neutral.

Sonax Gloss Shampoo works quickly and thoroughly against typical road dirt. Suitable for cleaning all paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, and rubber (as well as tiles, porcelain, and enamelled surfaces). Sonax Gloss Shampoo is phosphate-free and easy on the environment.

Professional Tips:

SONAX Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate is highly concentrated so very little product is needed to produce exceptional results. Two (2) capfuls of product in a 5 gallon bucket is sufficient to wash your vehicle.