Exterior Kit [230202]

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1 Gloss Shampoo (1 Liter)
1 High Speed Wax (500ml)
1 Wheel Cleaner Full Effect (500ml)
1 Tire Gloss Gel (500ml)
1 Microfiber Cloths Pack (3 cloths) 

SONAX Premium Car Care that leaves a high lasting impression. SONAX has been a leading car care product manufacturer since 1950, constantly improving and expanding their product portfolio. SONAX sets the stage for all car care products. Produced in Germany, SONAX products have benefited from more than 60 years of research and development. The company adheres to strict standards and strives for constant product improvement. Many of the SONAX products have been certified or approved by car manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi and Opel/GM.