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S145 VACUUM UNIT Includes S145EPL vacuum unit, (16.4ft) or (26.25ft) anti-static coaxial hose for pneumatic tools, (5) dust bags, assorted connectors.



The patented RUPES automatic filter cleaning system ensures maximum extraction efficiency under all working conditions. The air flow passing through the filters is inverted in alternation every 30 seconds through a system of valves, thus ensuring efficient cleaning action. With this innovative system, the operator is able to continue working without interruptions or reduction in efficiency in the extraction process due to dirty or clogged filters.


The S1 Series vacuums are equipped with a double panel filter for a total of 1 sq. meter (nearly 11 sq. feet) of filter surface area. The supplied filter is composed of material certified for class M dust extraction. When used as recommended, with a RUPES filter bag, the double panel filters require almost no maintenance or replaement for the life of the vacuum system. Competitive systems require the replacement of expensive filters adding significant operating cost.


The S1 Series vacuum comes equipped with a fleece filter bag standard. Replacement filter bags are available from your local authorized RUPES distributor.


The S1 series vacuum system is equipped with a 45-liter (nearly 12 gallon) drum. Its special structure ensures durability, but remains lightweight and manageable during movement in all work spaces. Competitive systems use bulky, awkard, or tip-over-prone accessories and attachments that do not permit easy movement around a shop. The shape of the S1 drum enables maxium expansion of the filter bag, fully using the volume of space provided.


The S1 Series vacuum comes supplied with multi-purpose swivel attachments as well as a 2-way vacuum connection coupler to allow multiple tools to be connected to the vacuum at the same time.


Clean working environments, better results, improved efficiency, reduced abrasive costs, and increased operator safety; these are just some of the numerous benefits that a professional vacuum dust extraction system by RUPES can provide for your business. With class leading performance and innovation the S145 delivers incredible value for shops of virtually any size.

Contact Paint Correction Co. to schedule a demonstration and see how a dust extraction system by RUPES can save you up to 40% in labor time and abrasive costs annually.