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Specifically formulated for the gear driven tool movement with abrasives that respond well to the increased friction and force as well as lubrication systems that allow for a smoother user experience. The new mille abrasive compounds are formulated to get the best performance from a gear driven tool.


A high-performance compound recommended for first step polishing. Its grain is the most “aggressive” of the BigFoot abrasives and is used for the rapid removal of marks and scratches. At the same time Coarse compound is highly effective in restoring paints and creating a high degree of gloss in one step.


The ideal composition for perfect finishes, these fine water-soluble abrasive compounds are ideal for totally eliminating paint defects for a hologram-free final step of spot repair, following the micro-abrasive nib removal process.


Specifically formulated for the final finishing pass and its ultra-fine abrasive generates a deep luster and color depth. The product is water soluble, allowing for easy removal of any residue. The extreme luster and gloss that all professionals have sought for years are finally easily within reach!