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Ergonomic, lightweight, and powerful. The LTA125 and LTA75 introduce a new innovative technology defined as “Triple Action” in the pneumatic polisher category. The dual action random orbital move- ment of these tools is combined with epicyclic gearing that delivers levels of torque and consistency of movement never before seen in pneumatically powered tools. Triple Action movement provides incredible balance, low vibration, high torque and extremely consistent pad movement regardless of operator-exerted downward pressure. Both tools are ideal for polishing operations in several industries that include automotive detailing, aviation, marine, industrial, and many much more.


HIGH TORQUE EFFICIENCY: An innovative epicyclic gear reduction located in front of the cam assembly significantly increases torque output while at the same reducing velocity. The result is a profound impact on one of the biggest variables in tool performance; the load applied by the user. By minimizing the variations caused by operator applied force a greater uniformity of performance of the tool is realized.

SPEED CONTROLThe speed controller on the handle is both practical and easy to use. The speed of the polisher can also be regulated during use, thus avoiding any interruption of the polishing operation.

ADJUSTABLE AIR OUTLET: In addition to being an air outlet, the device also acts as a silencer. Mounted on the base near the air connection, the small silencer is an extremely effective way of deadening the noise generated by the flow of compressed air.

DESIGNThe attention to detail is not limited to just the innovative and attractive design. The modern lines and exceptional technical quality are combined with a number of details that are the result of meticulous research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort.