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Gear Driven Dual Action Polisher

Joining the BIGFOOT family of tools and bridging the gap between rotary and free spinning orbital polishers the Mille provides a balance of power, ergonomics, and capability for operators who crave a gear driven solution. Featuring a wide assortment of new, innovative features as well as a revolutionary clockwise rotational movement the BIGFOOT Mille delivers powerful defect removal, versatility, and consistent performance in an ergonomic package designed with operator comfort and efficiency of work in mind.

CLOCKWISE ROTATIONThe BIGFOOT Mille uses a specially designed electric motor, developed in-house by RUPES. This design allows for a clockwise rotational movement which translates to increased levels of control and comfort for the operator. Competitive tools feature a coun- ter-clockwise movement which can increase unwanted lateral movement and create fatigue for the operator.

EXTRA LONG ELECTRICAL CORDThe new heavy duty cord is a generous 9 meters (29.5 feet) long with the proper gauge to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation. The longer cord saves time, steps and hassle by eliminating the need for extension cords to reach around an entire vehicle.

PROGRESSIVE TRIGGERAdding an additional level of control, the Mille includes a progressive trigger. This new trigger design acts as a throttle allowing the operator to control speeds within the dial range to deliver the exact desired speed and to adjust quickly as needed.

DOUBLE RUBBER SUPPORTEvery aspect of the Mille has been considered in the design, even when the tool is not being used. Two rubber supports are positioned on the body of the machine to keep it stable when resting on a table or cart.