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SKORPIO III - 3mm: the 3mm orbit is designed for finishing applications that use grade P320 and higher abrasives. The small orbit, combined with the high rpm and proper abrasives, delivers a high quality finish that is perfectly prepared for paints and other coatings.

 INTERCHANGEABLE BACKING PAD: The internal components of the Skorpio III are so well balanced that operators can actually change the size of the backing pad without compromising the low vibration level of the tool. It is now possible to choose the backing pad diameter that you need Ø125mm or Ø150mm, without changing tools!

NEW HEAVY DUTY MOTOR: The new high performance motor is constructed of centered steel and is designed to provide the optimal power to weight ratio, with reduced air consumption. Designed to minimize noise and vibration levels, the new motor reduces internal friction for a higher power transfer ratio, simplified maintenance and longer tool life.

DOUBLE-ROW BALL BEARINGS: A new double-row ball bearing system, designed specifically by the RUPES R&D team, results in longer bearing life, greater motor stability and lower vibration levels.

ANTI SPINNING SYSTEM: The rubber shroud prevents the tool from operating in free rotation mode. This eliminates the risk of damage to the work surface from a true rotary motion. Additionally, the shroud allows for more efficient dust extraction by sealing the area between the tool’s housing and the backing pad. (Not applicable on “NON- VACUUM” models).

EXTREMELY WELL BALANCED: The RUPES R&D team dedicated significant time and effort to create a tool whose internal components are perfectly balanced. The result is a tool that is very low in vibration and ideal for applications requiring prolonged use.

 MULTIHOLE SLIM BACKING PAD: The multihole pattern combined to the 10 channels located on the side of the backing plate provides an impressive volume of air flow that increases vacuum dust capture when sanding on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This ensures superior cleaning of the working area resulting in improved finish quality and cleaner shop environments. Two of the side channels are connected directly to the central backing plate hole to dissipate heat and promote cooling. The slim, low profile design of this new backing plate maintains a lower center of gravity which translates to a high amount of precision and control during all phases of the sanding process