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BigFoot abrasive compounds are the result of in-depth studies and research and consist of high quality abrasive mixes, all silicone free. Polishing compounds require a unique formula to assure that the product has the perfect combination of viscosity and aggressiveness. These unique compositions result in a product whose consistency delivers the best possible solution for uniform distribution on the polishing pad. Nine different types of compounds are available, each satisfying a particular polishing need.


The compounds are specifically designed for random orbital and triple action polishing. Four different types of compounds are available, Zephir (Coarse), Quarz (Medium), Keramik (Fine) and Diamond (Ultra-fine). In combination with the RUPES foam, microfiber, or wool pads they satisfy every polishing need.


A high-performance compound recommended for first step polishing. Its grain is the most “aggressive” of the BigFoot abrasives and is used for the rapid removal of marks and scratches. At the same time Coarse compound is highly effective in restoring paints and creating a high degree of gloss in one step.


A medium abrasive compound that easily repairs minor surface scratches and minor scoring from sources such as car wash brushes. Medium Compound can be used with full confidence that it will not leave halos or holograms and will leave a wax ready finish.


The ideal composition for perfect finishes, these fine water-soluble abrasive compounds are ideal for totally eliminating paint defects for a hologram-free final step of spot repair, following the microabrasive nib removal process.


Specifically formulated for the final finishing pass and its ultra-fine abrasive generates a deep lustre and color depth. The product is water soluble, allowing for easy removal of any residue. The extreme lustre and gloss that all professionals have sought for years are finally easily within reach!

The Rupes company has been around since 1947, and launched their first electric sander in 1951. With a desire to protect the health of users, Rupes began adding a dust removal system to all of their sanders in 1969, and has been improving on the system ever since. In 1995 Rupes introduced the LH 16E compact, high performance polisher. In 2008 they came out with the LHR 150 Orbital polisher with a 10 mm orbit, and in 2010 Rupes introduced the Big Foot brand of Orbital polishers. The LHR 75 was the first Big Foot marketed, a pneumatic polisher with a 15 mm orbit. The LHR 75 was followed by the LHR 21E featuring a 21 mm orbit. Rupes built on the Big Foot brand and came out with the Duetto, smaller than the LHR 15ES the Duetto features a 12 mm orbit allowing it to be a sander and a polisher.