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LHR 21 MARK II : 21mm orbit and its Ø150mm backing pad, the LHR 21 MarkII random orbital polisher is the perfect choice for working large surface areas and “panel-off” work. It produces results quickly, without neglecting the RUPES branded quality and comfort. The ultra-efficient motor guarantees more power and torque on every surface.

IMPROVED ERGONOMICS: The rubber cup positioned on the body machine and grip refines the flawless BigFoot polishers design. The soft-grip material makes it pleasant and secure to hold. Practical handgrip, silent mechanics, minimum vibrations: these are just some features that makes BigFoot the market’s most versatile and sought-after system.

ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL MODULE: The variable speed dial provides the ability to adjust speed for specialty applications. The speed controller on the handle permits polishing at a speed precisely adjusted to suit the task in hand, and can also be regulated during the usage, thus avoiding any interruption. The pad rotates at the selected speed, maintaining specified speed under load, from 2500 to 4700 RPM, and employs exactly the right amount of power needed for the specific task. The speed control gives the user six settings for any polishing situation

ON-OFF SWITCH LOCK: The on-off switch button located on the left side of the handgrip helps the operator to move his hands freely to different gripping positions while polishing and prevent it from being pressed accidentally. Thanks to this feature the tool is safe also for extended use applications.

DESIGN: Attention to detail is something more than just attractive design. Every detail, such as the rubber support positioned on the body of the machine to keep it stable during the non-working stages, is the result of meticulous research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort.

IMPROVED BALANCE: The perfect balance of the components makes polishing comfortable and vibration free. This ensures an optimum transfer of power to the surface, and makes even hard-to-reach spots accessible, and guarantees top polishing results. That means that you can work for longer with greater comfort. The complete balance of the tool body allows more sensitive control when polishing.